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  • Brilliant actor with incredible timing!

    Training you must have had, yes, but the nuances and "schtick" and bits and unbelievable comedic timing is pure innate talent. That I don't think one can teach. That comes from within. You with have it or you don't and all the training in the world can't bring to proverbial table what you, Jim, bring, so seemingly effortless, leaving us in stitches and rolling on the floor in laughter. The convoluted lines and lonnnnnnng monologues that your amazing writers provide for you - you just deliver so articulately and so perfectly timed and so easily that it never ceases to amaze us! Hats off to you, Dr. Sheldon Leonard - you are one talented actor! The cast of BBT is as perfect a blend of characters and actors as the best of the TV past Bunker, Seinfeld, Carol are fans forever.