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    • Jim: (About the Emmy Nomination) It's very exciting. It's very very weird. It feels like is happening to somebody else.

    • Jim: People always want to know if I'm as smart as Sheldon, which is just absurd. I mean, bless their hearts. It's sweet that they feel compelled to ask. But sadly, no.

    • Jim: (About being a geek sex symbol) I'm very surprised to hear this. I can't speak for anything I'm bringing to it. Sheldon needs taking care of in some ways, and I think that maybe it brings out a maternal instinct in somebody... I don't know. I'm shocked, and I'm also very flattered. That's very sweet.

    • Jim: One of my favorite things about Sheldon is that the writers have given him the opportunity to say so many things that other people would never get away with ... because they have the social common sense and the social niceties to keep their mouths shut.

    • Jim: (About the relationship between Sheldon and Penny) They are kind of the North and South Pole of communication skill. The other characters fall somewhere in between them.

    • Jim: (While comparing Sheldon with himself) His interests are so divergent from mine. I don't know comic books at all. I don't know superheroes at all, unless they're out in movies.

    • Jim: Everyone always asks me if I think Sheldon will ever fall in love, and I do, but I think that's probably a long way off still…and that sounds like a really rocky road to get down, anyway!

    • Jim: (About the cast chemistry in TBBT) It was a little bit instant. You know, I can take no credit at all for any good chemistry that comes between Johnny and me. While I'm sure it's grown and enhanced as we've worked more together, that was from the very first time we read together. But as far as the whole cast goes, it really has been just such a positive melding of personalities from the very beginning.

    • Jim: (Talking about his neurosis) I have thoroughness in washing my hands sometimes where I really have to tell myself: "You're not about to perform surgery." That's definitely got a touch of the OCD to it. It's certainly given me something to work with as far as dealing with Sheldon.

    • Jim: (About using internet) I have to do a lot of looking up to see what certain scientific terms mean, because they mean absolutely nothing to me at first. Unless they are obvious and even then.

    • Jim: (on the highest praise he has received for "The Big Bang Theory") The height of TV compliments, I think, is when somebody says they like to eat dinner while watching our show. It doesn't get much better than that.

    • Jim: (on deciding to become an actor) I'm just glad I found what I should be doing. We all know people who struggle to find what's right for them. At the risk of sounding like I'm on Oprah, I think the answer is within.

    • Jim: An award can help a show. If you love your job, hopefully it will help you to continue to do your job, but it doesn't always work that way.

    • Jim: (on preparing for his role in "The Big Bang Theory") When we tape, I have to make sure I get up an hour earlier than I need to. I sit down with a physics dictionary.

    • Jim: I'm very visual. I literally need to be able to see it in my head, and when I get stuck, nine times out of 10, I can tell you the word begins with a D-A something. It's a little computeresque.

    • Jim: (on the death of his father) And I still don't know all the ways that changed and affected me, but there's no way it didn't. It changed the whole family dynamic. When I went home after that I still hadn't graduated. I had a final project and I know they told me, 'You don't have to come back right away.' It was very interesting that I knew I had to go back and do that because whether or not you could be of use at home-I realized in the end I could only be of use to the family fully if I did what I needed to do and then went on.

    • Jim: I like auditioning, very much. I enjoy working on things, getting prepared.

    • Jim: (on his auditioning for "The Big Bang Theory") That's why I had to prepare for this one because I felt this was probably the one that was going to fit, so you've got to be ready if the door's going to open.