Jim Rome

Jim Rome


10/14/1964, Tarzana, California (USA)

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James Rome


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A graduate of UC Santa Barbara in 1987 with a degree in Communications, Jim Rome has become one of the most respected sports broadcasters in North America. His brash and unique style has spawned a legion of admirers ("clones") who have adopted his vernacular. With a syndicated radio…more


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    • Rome: You can go market to market, show to show and hear the shows and they all sound pretty similar. I figured if I was going to have any chance at all, the show had to be different. So I don't think I revolutionized anything, but I think I can sit here confidently and say it's a different show and I'm a different host.

    • Rome: The term 'clone' (Rome fan) is both slightly derisive, but at the same time it's a term of affection. They're my people. These are my people. I would not have a show, nor a career, nor a Tour Stop without my listeners. I'm nothing without these people, but at the same time, if I don't keep them in check, who will?

    • Rome: My old man used to tell me 'why don't you go outside and do something? Play ball, tennis.' And I'd be like, but, Dad, there's six football games on TV today.

    • Rome: If you do what I do, ESPN is obviously the place you want to be. I was pumped when Mark Shapiro brought me back to the network and am even more fired up now to be doing it on a daily basis.

    • Rome: If Tim thinks the dress code is retarded... what do you think he thinks about getting tossed from the bench for laughing? (On Tim Duncan being thrown out of a game on April 15, 2007)

  • Jim Rome is a popular trash talker and sports broadcaster.

    Love him or hate him he is very popular. For the most part, I have to say I like him. There's too many suckup in sports broadcasting that isn't to say that Rome doesn't also do this but his smack is generally something that other sports broadcasters will avoid to keep their jobs.

    I remember him quite well when he was on ESPN2 and he had his own own show TALK2. Much like the radio program that he has people could call in and say anything they want. Rome took it another step further and like the popular talk shows of today like to put people on the spot and criticize a lot of big names in sports. This is the part that made me tune in because not only does he share a lot of sports facts but he does tear up apart sports figure who disgrace themselves. In this day and age, there seem to be more fanboys more than ever than seem to look the other way because of their favorite sports star (Bonds, Kobe, etc) so Rome's critique of sports figure is well needed.

    If I had to choose between listening to him or some other radio talk show I'd probably choose Rome instead that is if I had the time.moreless
  • two syllables can describe him. Pho-nominal

    I like him because he calls out people that need to be called out. I didn't even realize that was really him on myspace until now, that is really cool, that he actually listens to the viewers instead of thinking he is above them. I think he really likes sports and is finally a person who doesn't always favor one team or person, that in my opinion is ruining sports. Sure he works for ESPN, which is known to ride the Yankees ALOT! I don't see him doing that from when I have watched his show. I like his radio show alot, that is mainly were I hear him. I like how he called out Icharo yesterday when Suzuki made a stupid comment about going to Cleveland, Rome said your on your own. Athletes in legal trouble, unless they are falsely accused he takes the sides of sports were most of these guys take the side of the atheletes ruining sports. I'm glad he doesn't do that.moreless