Jim Starr

Jim Starr


Great Falls, Montana

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Jim Kalafat


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Jim Starr is an American bodybuilder and actor best know for playing the part of "Laser" on the television series American Gladiators. Jim made American Gladiator history by remaining on the show for its entire run. Having been in the fitness industry for over 16 years, Jim now…more


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  • The best of the best.

    Of all the male "American Gladiators" there were, and there were quite a few, Jim Starr (also known as Laser) was the best.

    He was strong, he was kind, he was entertaining, and yeah... he was also very handsome.

    When I was younger it was Laser who kept me watching every week. No matter what event he was in, he started it off with a smile for the camera and all the fans out there watching.

    He gave it his all for each event, and was hardly ever defeated, and yet you never minded when he won because he wasn't one of those "in your face" type athletes. Sure, he enjoyed a good victory, but he was never a sore winner about it, which is probably what made him one of the most loved of all Gladiators.

    Jim Starr - the name says it all.moreless