Jim Sturgess

Jim Sturgess


5/16/1981, England

Birth Name

James Anthony Sturgess



Also Known As

James Sturgess
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James "Jim" Sturgess was born in London, and was raised in a small village. He was a member of the National Youth Music Theater from 1993 to 1995. Jim starred in many British productions before getting his big break in the 2007 musical Across The Universe.


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    • Jim: British actors come at acting from a slightly different angle. Because a lot of the films are cast out there, they are so used to the angle from which the Americans, and certainly the young guys from LA, are coming at it, that I think it's interesting for them to find these English actors who maybe approach acting from a different place.

    • Jim: (On if he has a favorite Beatle) Not really. It's important to have all of them! I mean, without all of them, it wouldn't have the Beatles.

    • Jim: I do a lot of music and a lot of acting and did a lot of painting. When we were doing the film, Julie had me hook up with an artist, and we hung out a lot and spent a lot of time together -- just hung out in the studio and listened to music, just drawing and painting. He really encouraged me to sketch and draw everyday.

    • Jim: (On his favorite part of his movie "Across the Universe") There's so many! The scene that was really special to me was when we did "Strawberry Fields." I remember that specifically because it was the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's death day. It was just an amazing experience. I was just singing the song on the anniversary of his death, making this incredible Beatles music movie. I remember Julie just saying, "You're Jude. You're the painter. This is your art studio. You do whatever you like. We're just gonna put the music on loop, and you're just gonna keep singing. Keeping singing, keep singing.

    • Jim: Actually, I feel like that every time I come out of the cinema. If that film's about being a hippy, then I'm like, "that's it, I'm gonna grow my own vegetables."

    • Jim: (On the actors who inspired him.) Definitely River Phoenix is somebody that I thought, "this guy is very cool." I wanted to be like him when I was a kid.

    • Jim: (on his singing history) I started singing and playing in a bang when I was about 15. We used to rehearse in my mates garage and even though we were totally underage, we started doing gigs in pubs around the area. It was hilarious! All our friends would come, trying to pretend they were old enough to drink. Looking back on it now, it must have looked ridiculous. When I was 15 I honestly looked about 12!

    • Jim: (on River Phoenix) I would love to see what kind of choices he would be making now if he was still around, some of the characters that he would have played. I mean, to me he was like a rock star, you know, he had it all: he had the looks, he had a great name, he had an attitude, an energy, an excitement about him. He was instinctively like a, he was a rebel, you know? He was kind of Bob Dylan to me, at times, and he had a lot to say. And I've never seen too many interviews by him, but the ones that I saw were pretty electric, pretty... he was switched on, definitely.