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    • Jim: There's something about salsa and Latin music that is so addictive and makes you want to dance. There's a lot of sexual energy that comes from songs like that. Again, it's just me trying to stand out from the crowd, as far as Idols are concerned. I think a lot of reviewers have said things about Idols still coming into their own or trying to find their voice. I think that I, as a musician, cannot be boxed into one genre. I'm influenced by so many different people, ranging from Tina Turner to Janet Jackson to George Michael.

    • Jim: I needed to be true to myself and embrace the reality that people are just people, and no one should ever be judged based on their sexuality. I knew of the risks associated within the music community for being true to my fans and myself. But, this disclosure does not define me, my music, or my career, as I am a human being first and foremost.

    • Jim (on his film 'Eating Out'): Eating Out is a college comedy, similar to that of American Pie. It's about a guy who has to play gay to get the girl he wants. I play Kyle, who is a gay musician who lusts after Marc, played by Desperate Housewives' Ryan Carnes. He's the guy who isn't so attractive, kind of nerdy, but vulnerable.

    • Jim (about going on the American Idol Top 10 tour): We did a 30 city tour in 40 days. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I was able to interact with the crowd in ways I couldn't on the show. The crowd definitely saw a different side of us rather than what just the cameras showed. The crowd was really responsive, and had a great time.

    • Jim (on how he came up with his second album's title): "Rollercoaster" is just a one-word description that encompasses my life before Idol, after Idol, and present-time. It's been a time of ups and downs, twists and turns...very unstable. It also describes the album as well. There are high points, low points...and I felt as though "Rollercoaster," was the word to truly define my life and music.

    • Jim (on having parents with a disability): Yes, both of my parents are deaf. They weren't born deaf; both had contracted German Measles at six weeks old. And their loss of hearing was a result of high fevers. I grew up fluent in sign language and was given an enormous amount of responsibility at a very young age. It allowed me to be very close to adults, rather than children my own age.