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  • An incredible musician who produced some of the best music of his generation.

    Anything I write in this review is redundant; it's undeniable how talented and influential he was. He was a very versatile guitarist who influenced anyone who's ever picked up an electric guitar. Dylan loved Hendrix's cover of All Along the Watchtower so much he incorporated it into his act. All three of his studio albums were very good, and he was amazing live. He could be soulful and sweet, but he could shred with the best of them. Very few guitarists are able to play at the level he did and still provide vocals. (Really only SRV and Clapton)It is tragic that he died so young; its unimaginalbe what he could have done with even another decade.
  • He's Jimi Hendrix dammit. He's the best guitarist ever. I think I made myself clear.

    Jimi Hendrix is simply put the greatest most influential guitarist of all time. He revolutionized the way guitar was played, and wasn't a bad singer either. I would like to adress the growing problem of people saying he's overrated. He is not overrated!!! Just because some people can play his songs now doesn't change that. In a short life, he taught himself to play guitar, figured out everything himslef, learning scales and chords with no help from anyone else. And within 27 years he had done what nobody in the past had done. Without him, some of these techniques and ideas never would have come, and now people who live normal length lives, if they're lucky, might be able to conquer every Hendrix song. But will that mke them better than him, no. Nobody will ever be able to do what he did. Nobody will change the way we play like he did again. Nobody, will have such an impact again. We wish you were still with us Jimi.
  • Jimi Hendrix was an a amazing guitarist. He started his career in America cut no one wanted him so he went to Europe. And then it began

    Jimi Hendrix was one of the best guirtarist in the world. He was a bit of a show off. He played the guitar with his teeth. Well i guess you have to show off to sell tickets. He went from America i think to Europe because the Americans did'nt want him as a guirtarist. He got really awesome there and then came back. And watcham. One of the best guitarists are black and they don't want him come one. Don't be rasist. Jimi Hendrix had a long life. Well not really because when he was like ummmm... 27 he died of a drug over dose. Hope the next Jimi Hendrix (like good guitarist) won't die of drugs. Peace out.
  • One of the, if not the best!

    Jimi Hendrix is probably the best electric gutarist in history. His songs are awsome, and I love listening to to them over and over again. Purple Haze, Cocaine, Smoke on The Water, Fire, Voodoo Child... his great songs go on and on. At first, Jimi wasn't that popular in the U.S. But after he went to the U.K, he became very well known. Unfortunly, a life full of potential ended far too soon. When he was twenty seven, Jimi's life ended, thanks to drugs. However, after his death, Jimi legacty has lived on. He is widely remembered as an amazing gutarist. Hopefully today's gutarists look back and learn from the amazing man that is Jimi Hendrix.
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    Jimi Hendrix is one of the all-time greats of guitar and rock history.
  • Legend.

    Well shes walking through the clouds
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    When Im sad, she comes to me
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    Its alright she says its alright
    Take anything you want from me, anything

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  • Jimi Hendrix rocks,literally!!

    Jimi Hendrix is a awesome guitar player.His mama was a full-blooded Cherokee.My favorite songs of his are Purple Haze,Voodoo Chile,All Along The Watchtower,and Star-Spangled Banner.He was the awesome guitar player.I wish he became a Christian,then I could meet him in heaven.I listen to Jimi Hendrix Fan Radio on Yahoo.I am going to get a Jimi Hendrix CD and might get a guitar book.He was born in 1942.He could play a guitar amazingly.I wish I could play like like him.If The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix played against each other Jimi would win to my opinon.Of course you might have a differnt opinon.