Jimmi Simpson





11/21/1975 , Hackettstown, New Jersey, USA

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Jimmi Simpson is an American actor who is best known for a number of recurring roles on hit television shows such as 24 and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Born in 1975, the New Jersey native graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in acting from Bloomsburg University (Pa.) before turning professional. Simpson made his film debut in 2000 as Noah in the film Loser, but made a name for himself in more cryptic roles in pictures such as Rose Red (2002) and Zodiac (2006). On television, in addition to his appearance on 24, the actor has made his presence known on a number of hit comedies ranging from How I Met Your Mother to House. He has also performed on the stage with a notable performance as Philo Farnsworth in the 2008 Broadway production, The Farnsworth Invention. Simpson's performance drew rave reviews and earned him a World Theatre Award. The actor is married to actress Melanie Lynskey and lives in Los Angeles.