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  • He's the hottest NASCAR driver out there right now! And I aint talking about looks...

    Jimmie Johnson is the best NASCAR driver right now. Jimmie's been Driving in NASCAR NEXTEL Cup since 2002, when he was just edged out by Ryan Newman for rookie of the year. Ever since 2003, he's finished second in the NNC points, usually by a close margin.

    In 2004, he was so emotionally hurt when a Hendrick Motorsports plane went down with 10 Hendrick Family members on board; all died. He won the following race after that, showing the world he, and his team can move on after such tragety. He went on to win four out of the last five races, just missing out on the Championship by eight (8) points.

    He's constiantly been on top of the championship standings, and is only 15 points (3 spots on the track) away from the lead. If there's anyone who can constantly stay on top, and be just a grea guy, it's Jimmie.