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  • This is a political show nowdays

    Thought they were showcasing a talented host turns out they are using him as a biased political mouthpiece... Too bad for him... good for us.... turn the tube off earlier... Bye Bye Jimmy
  • Laugh

    Jimmy Fallon - Jimmy has had a very interesting run in the comedy world. Fallon first got his start on Saturday Night Live. Being part of the first people to be hired onto the show in a while. While being aattracted to viewers from his so-so comedy his laughing came in and brought down most of the sketchs. Fallon is the best and is not the worst comedian, it's just his laughing mood, that bothers the audience and such. In some cases it makes a real scence come out and others it just seems annoying. After leaving SNL he fell flat with movies such as Taxi. But came back and took over Late Show. Overall time will have to tell what will change.
  • Poorly timed jokes and overall awkwardness lead to pity views in the hope that Jimmy will soon find his stride.

    Initially, Mr Fallon read the cue cards like the slow kid in class. The lack of emotion in the build up to his jokes ruined the entire line. The audience didn't laugh but yet Jimmy held for the laughter. It seemed the painful awkward silence and Jimmy's smile combined to be the funniest part of the routines.

    Lately, the new Late Night host has become more comfortable in his role but still lacks the timing and charisma to be a replacement for Conan O'Brien. He no longer stops mid sentence after every joke, which is good, but he still lacks emotion. A big difference between The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien and Jimmy's show is the audience participation. It seems the producers are doing interactive contests with the audience because Jimmy cannot hold the attention of viewers both at home and on the set.

    Overall, Jimmy needs to relax, have fun, stop laughing with the audience and instead take his role as the front man. For now it is still awkward and painful, but at least he's trying. I wish Jimmy the best in the future and I believe he can become a quality host with experience.
  • Terrible host.

    Jimmy Fallon is maybe the worst possible host they could have picked for Late Night. When he was on Saturday Night Live he wasn't bad but he wasn't good either, none of his stuff was memorable and he spent most of his time laughing at his own (or other cast members) jokes. Jimmy Fallon's interview skills just aren't there, it's like watching guests on his show sit in the chair expecting to get a root canal. Incidentally, Jimmy Fallon has about as much business trying to be a dentist as he does trying to be a late night host. He still laughs at his own jokes and every "hip comedy" bit they do falls flat. If it wasn't for the Roots this show would have nothing going for it at all. On the SNL scale he barely ranks ahead of Chris Kattan and Chris Kattan needs to be dumped into the nearest volcano.
  • This guy is not funny

    Why do people like him and think he's a good actor? Good actors don't crack up laughing in the middle of sketches. I mean seriously, it's bad enogh he's not talented and funny, but to actually laugh during nealy every SNL sketch, it makes you wonder why he even got work in the first place. And on top of that, about 75% of SNL sketches aren't good enough to even get a giggle out of me (Maybe because I'm Australian and don't get the American sense of humor, although I am a big fan of many American shows). But what really gets my goat is the fact that even after SNL, he still manages to get work, what is up with that?
  • He is one of the greatest actors of all time.

    Jimmy Fallon is awesome. He is one of the best Saturday Night Live actors. He's all the way up there with Will Ferrall. He was on Weekend up date for awhile. Jimmy Fallon was with Queen Latifah in Taxi. He later did Fever Pitch as a major Red Sox fan who is in love with a character played by Drew Barrymore. Jimmy quit Saturday night live in 2004. Jimmy Fallon's most recent performance happened to be on Saturday Night live with Justin Timberlake. Jimmy is a comedian, actor, and killer guitar player. Overall Jimmy is a fantastic actor and will come up with something soon.
    Peace out.
  • Jimmy Fallon is so funny!

    Jimmy Fallon should have been a bigger star! He even cosatrred with Drew Barrymore in a movie! Anyways, Jimmy Fallon is probably well known for being in Sarurday NIght Live and Jimmy is known for being extremely funny an dvery outgoing. He is a regular in the tv sereis Saturday Night Live and has done a couple of movies.
  • cracks 2 much joke

    Jimmy fallon is wicked hes propa funni, i love him in taxi but is even better in the perfect catch, him and drew barrymore make the perfect couple. hes jus so funni. id love to meet him. hes realli sexi in the perfect catch. jimmy fallon rocks. althogh i live in the uk ive seen him in snl and hes so funni i laugh so much that i cant breathe. hes worked with sum of my personal faves eg drew barrymore and queen latifah hu makegreat partners in crime with jimmy. hes by far the best comedian ive seen
  • Jimmy Fallon is hilarious. And a really good actore.

    Why did they take him off Saturday Night Live he was great. I loved SNL but when they got rid of him. SNL lost a huge fan. I hope he is on more movies or tv shows. Alot of people thought he was not a good actore but I thought he was Soooo Funny.
  • Wow. Just Wow. Why does anyone think he is funny?

    I've never been able to understand how anyone can find Jimmy Fallon funny. The fact that he gets top billing on SNL just shows the rut that the show is currently in. I've never liked him for very basic reasons. First off, he has no ability to keep a straight face. None. Reviewing popular sketches he was in shows him lose it if Ferrell says anything too funny. That's what makes Will funny, the fact that he sells all of the jokes. Fallon couldn't sell the jokes at a thrift store. My other problem with him is that he hams it too much. I can't remember a sketch where he doesn't mug for the camera. But if someone here can point me to a sketch that is funny, please, be my guest.