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  • Poorly timed jokes and overall awkwardness lead to pity views in the hope that Jimmy will soon find his stride.

    Initially, Mr Fallon read the cue cards like the slow kid in class. The lack of emotion in the build up to his jokes ruined the entire line. The audience didn't laugh but yet Jimmy held for the laughter. It seemed the painful awkward silence and Jimmy's smile combined to be the funniest part of the routines.

    Lately, the new Late Night host has become more comfortable in his role but still lacks the timing and charisma to be a replacement for Conan O'Brien. He no longer stops mid sentence after every joke, which is good, but he still lacks emotion. A big difference between The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien and Jimmy's show is the audience participation. It seems the producers are doing interactive contests with the audience because Jimmy cannot hold the attention of viewers both at home and on the set.

    Overall, Jimmy needs to relax, have fun, stop laughing with the audience and instead take his role as the front man. For now it is still awkward and painful, but at least he's trying. I wish Jimmy the best in the future and I believe he can become a quality host with experience.