Jimmy "Jax" Pinchak

Jimmy "Jax" Pinchak


2/16/1996, Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, USA

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Jimmy "Jax" Pinchak and his family moved to Los Angeles California in 2002 when the WB cast him as Jody Davis in the remake of the sitcom "Family Affair".
"Jax" keeps himself very busy when not on set. He performs live improv comedy every weekend at the Raven…more


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  • Wow only nine and has two series regular roles under his belt! Seems like this kid can do it all, comedy, and drama.

    Great little actor and yes what a cutie. Don't get the review where Yellow says he cant get roles? Yellow must have him confused with another young actor. He is nine and has been a series regular in two television shows, sounds pretty impressive to me. Hey, I am almost thirty and still waiting for my first speaking role. Jimmy Jax is great actor, and gorgeous to boot. Watch out Brad Pitt!

  • Cute kid, but...

    This little guy is very cute, but I'm not at all surprised he can't seem to get roles. His acting isn't so good to be honest. He seems to be always staring off into space if the person he's supposed to be talking to isn't on screen. This strange sort of vacant look... the way he delivers his lines is a bit off, too.

    But maybe he'll get better with some practice, after all, he's only nine.moreless