Jimmy Jean-Louis





8/8/1968 , Petion-Ville, Haiti

Birth Name

Jimmy Jean-Louis




Jimmy grew up in a small village in Haiti with his brother and parents. They moved to Paris in 1980 where he experienced a culture shock because of the rural to city lifestyle change. He attended high school and the Academe International de Dance where he studied dance. His parents returned to Haiti, but Jimmy and his brother remained in Paris. Before finding success as a model, he was homeless at times in Paris.

He worked in Spain in musical theater before moving to Italy and becoming a model. In 1995, he appeared in several episodes of an erotic French TV program. He also modeled in South African and England. Through his travels and career changes, he learned Spanish and Italian. He was very successful in London, modeling for Valentino and Gianfranco Ferre.

Jimmy moved to America to act full-time. He had several small TV and film roles from 1999 to 2005. The following year proved to be lucky for Jimmy. He was cast as the romantic lead in the 2006 film Phat Girlz and he began his role as The Haitian in Heroes.

Jimmy is married to his wife, Evelyn, and they have 2 children. He enjoys playing soccer and is a member of an amateur soccer club, Hollywood United Football Club over 40s players.