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    • Jimmy: There are a couple of people that think it is completely racist to call me The Haitian. But that's what I am. I am very happy about the name. Please don't change it, Mr Tim Kring. (referring to his role on "Heroes" which was created by Kring)

    • Jimmy: (representing his home country via Heroes role) To be able to associate Haiti to hero, The Haitian the hero, for me that means a lot.

    • Jimmy: (on choosing roles) Most of the time I like the character to have some dignity; that is the direction I'd like to go. One of my inspirations is Sidney Poitier. Anytime anyone said I couldn't do it cause I have an accent, I'd think of Sidney.

    • Jimmy: I was really blessed to meet Nelson Mandela. We spoke, danced and shook hands.

    • Jimmy: From a young boy growing up in Haiti, living with no electricity or running water, my journey to Hollywood has been rich with experience. I take little for granted and appreciate the beauty of life, knowing that there is so much more to learn.