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  • Seahawks fan

    I know you think your presious cowboys are so great but you just saw seattle tear them apart. Start giving honest reviews of teams instead of the slanted ones you do. Watching you is just plain painfull.
  • Jimmy Johnson gives some terrible, absolute predictions on NFL Fox's Pregame show on 9-20-09.

    On 9-20-09, Jimmy Johnson made a comment about the Arizona Cardinals. "Stick a fork in them, they are done!" After one game, they are done for the season? They certainly had a rough start. I have been following the Cardinals for 30 years and they can make a grown man cry. I have crawled into the fetal position more than once. But prediciting that the Cardinals season is over is just unprofessional, self-promoting smack. Prove it? Support it? One game is enough data to support, well, one games worth. I think the defending NFC champs deserve a little more respect from the NFL high-horses. So Jimmy, I suppose the Jets are going to win the Superbowl because they had a great week 1? Oh Jimmy. Your grey hair should indicate you have some wisdom. NOT!

    I know that part of being an NFL analyst means making some predicitions and reactions, but he crossed the line on this one. So Mr. Johnson, if the Cardinals bounce back, as I predict, I hope you confess the error of your ways, realize that the Cardinals and every other team in the NFL, deserve a little more respect than you give them. Step off of your high horse, mess your hair up a bit, and be real, yet professional. This was some of the worst pre-game NFL reporting I have seen in a long time. I haven't watch the NFL on Fox pre-game for awhile, and now I remember why. I think I'll go back to ESPN. Jimmy Johnson, I have a fork for you! Dr. Pokey