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  • Used to watch but turn it off now when it comes on

    I used to love this show (years ago) but it has become so political and anti-Trump that it turns my stomach.. I don't care if you love or hate our President but the point is he is our Commander in Chief and should be shown some respect. Our President serves a four-year term so it you don't like it, then get out there and vote next time. The way the media has been allowed to totally trash the President of the United States on this show and all of the late-night shows is horrible. It makes the entire country look like fools and in my this type of rhetoric is even allowed to go on is abhorrent. That anybody actually even continues to follow these shows is beyond me.
  • Great.

    Funny as hell.
  • This is the coolest guy on late night tv.

    Jimmy Kimmel is really really really funny guy. I love his show because of him. Everytime I watch him he always makes me laugh. His late night show is my favorite. I try to watch every episode. jimmy Kimmel is the coolest guy on late night tv.Everyone watch Jimmy Kimmel Live!