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  • I feel that the bloodhound gang is underrated because they are one of the best bands on this earth besides HIM they are bout equal Jimmy Pop has taught me to be different from all the other people and i greatly praise him and bam they should tell bout viv

    I gave Jimmy Pop a ten because i love his bands songs and his short but rememberful debuts on viva la bam. I hope that everyone reads this because im not some lame person I miss watching vivalabam and seeing Jimmy Pop. I asked girls about if they digged gay guys and they yelled at me lol so there is not a truth in that. Someday i hope to be Half the man Jimmy and Bam are but they are crazy. Jimmy Pop needs to come to missouri and do a concert. I will love rock and metal always. Also the heartagram is a kick ass sign. Uh HUUUUUUUUUH