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  • I have been a big fan for many years.People can really get into the characters you play.Not alot of actors can hold an audience interest in a character as you have.Kudos! I look forward to seeing you for many years to come., Take care ,Chris

    Jimmy Smits is one of the all time greats ,I have been a big fan for many years.He really got my attention with LA Law,loved his character.Never got tired of watching Jimmy.I have followed his career all the through to Cane.I have never been disappointed in his work.It's always a pleasure to watch him on screen.Jimmys extreme good looks doesn't hurt one little bit either.His striking features make it very easy for you to believe in his character,and to feel what hes feeling when hes saying his lines.Excellent quality in an actor.I give Jimmy Smits a 10,he deserves the highest score he has earned it.