Jimmy Zoppi





3/8/1954 , West Long Branch, New Jersey, USA

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Jimmy Zoppi was born on March 8, 1954, in West Long Branch New Jersey.He has been successful in various areas as a Bassist, a vocalist, and a cartoon voice over artist.
Jimmy started playing in bands in high school, and was playing at The Great Gildersleeves in 1979 when he met future band mate Carter Cathcart. Since 1981, he is a bassist and vocalist in the Carter Cathcart Band.

Jimmy got his first voice audition when Carter was doing the music for the ABC Weekend Special. And, he was asked if he would audition for the voice of the host-O.G. Readmore- after he got the part, Jimmy went on to record voice overs for Kit Kat candy bars, Good Humor, Coors Light and many others.

Jimmy later auditioned for several roles in the then new and unknown series Pokemon, and became the voice of Gary Oak, as well as Ratata, Ratakate, Grimer, Muk, Shellder, Quagsire, Spearow, Snubble, Tomo the jungle boy, Todd the photographer, and others in the series. Jimmy is also the voice of Miki in Revolutionary Girl Utena, Philionel in Slayers, Maeno in the Ping Pong Club, Mong, Hop2ix and Cerebrix in Cubix, Bengbu and Wocket in Tama and Friends, Weevil the bug trainer in Yu-Gi-Oh, and Horii in the upcoming Fox live action series Ultraman. Jimmy lives in Bergen County, New Jersey, where he is currently recording a new CD with the Carter Cathcart Band.