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  • Bullock should have him his own show!! I\'d give it four stars!!

    Though Ned\'s Declassified School Survival Guide is pretty much the only show JM J. Bullock plays in, he should have his own show. He does a great job in Ned\'s Declassified School Survival Guide, as a hilarious teacher. But sadly, he hasn\'t been shown on this show since last season in the episode \'Spirit Week/Clothes\'. Though he is not \'that\' famous or known all over the world, again, I still think the creators of this show make Bullock, or \'Mr. Monroe\', a very amusing character. It wasn\'t worth not showing him as much in the second season as much in the first season. They haven\'t even shown him in this season yet!!! I hope they do soon!!! Good luck, JM J. Bullock!!!
  • I Think I Use That Classification On All Of The People That I Write Reviews On....

    Jim J. Bullock is Mr. Monroe on Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, but he leaves the show in the 2nd season, and guest stars every once in a while. Both him and Darren Norris star in Fairly Odd Parents. Darren Norris playes Cosmo, Mr. Turner, Jorgen Von Strangle The Toughest Fairy In The Universe; and Jim J. Bullock plays other characters, and also that one teacher that I think he is a Performing Arts teacher or something... All of Jim J. Bullock's characters are so lively and free spirited, and talk in a freaky voice... It says that Jim J. Bullock really is gay, but he also has HIV and has been battleing it for many years. I don't know much about him, only that he is starring on The Fairly OddParents, And Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, and was featured in the opening until the 2nd season, when he stopped appearing in any of the episodes.