Jo Anne Worley





9/6/1937 , Lowell, Indiana

Birth Name




She is one of the wackiest ladies in comedy! Known for her loud voice, her often explosive bursts into operatic song, her specialty of chicken jokes (woe be to ANYONE who dares to tell a chicken joke and she catches them!), and being a game show mainstay, Jo Anne Worley has done it ALL! She is an actress, singer and Broadway star! Of course, she is best known for her longtime stint on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In; she is also known for her many and varied appearances on Game Shows. She's been on Pyramid (in the 70's), Match Game, Body Language (a Tom Kennedy show) and as a regular along with Charles Nelson Reilly on the TV version of It Pays to Be Ignorant. She shines in all she does.