Jo Frost

Jo Frost


6/27/1970, London, England

Birth Name

Joanne Frost


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Released by ABC

Jo Frost, the star of ABC's new reality show, Supernanny, says that children have been a big part of her life from the beginning. She's always had a gift for connecting with kids on their own level, and began babysitting as a teenager. After…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Jo says that she has never read a book about child-rearing, and that her techniques come from a combination of professional experience and her own upbringing.

    • Inspired by an article in People magazine in 2005, Jo visited terminally ill children and their families residing at George Mark Children's House in San Leandro, California.

    • Jo beat out hundreds of other applicants to win the title of Supernanny.

    • Her reality show, Supernanny, became a hit in the UK during the summer of 2004. The show was brought to the US in 2005.

    • Jo has never been married.

    • Jo lives in London with her widowed father when she is not working.

    • Jo's height is 5'5" (1.65 m).

    • Jo's mother's name is Joa Frost. Her father's name is Michael Frost. Her brother's name is Matthew Frost.

    • Jo was a nanny for sixteen years before answering a newspaper ad that led to an audition for her reality series Supernanny.

    • Jo gives her phone number to every family she works with on Supernanny in case they need to get in touch with her.

    • When Jo was writing her best-selling 2005 book Supernanny: How to Get the Best from Your Children, she did not have a typewriter or computer. She dictated more than 70 hours of material over the phone to an editor.

    • Jo was an avid horseback rider when she was a child.

    • In 2008, Jo offered to give Britney Spears parenting advice. She said she'd like to help put her on the right track and help her be a better mother.

    • Jo Frost has joined the long list of celebrities to be lampooned on South Park. It happened in South Park episode 146, entitled "Tsst."

  • Quotes

    • Jo: (about her and her brother's upbringing) There was discipline and etiquette, they didn't suffocate us and we had a lot of fun, too. My parents never made promises that they didn't keep.

    • Jo: I really want to help people have happier families.

    • Jo: Two short fixes, you know, a quick fix is what every family wants. And that`s not the case when I`m teaching these parents. I want parents to recognize that there`s a journey, so that they can get from A to B. And going through that journey is going to make them stick with B and not want to go back to A.

    • Jo: You have to be consistent. You have to follow through. You know, you have to pull your socks up as a parent and say, "Well, this is the result that I want to achieve. And now I've got to put the hard work in to get it."

    • Jo: I beg to differ with the word dysfunctional. The families I work with have issues that many families can relate to.

    • Jo: Children need boundaries and ground rules. When children don't have structure, they make up their own rules and negative behavior is what they use to get your attention.

  • Helpful guide to the world's most important job.

    Raising kids really is the most important job in the world and let's face it gang, not everybody that applies for THIS position is up to it. I like this show for the same reasons that I blasted Wife Swap. The producers of Wife Swap seem to do their best to generate dysfunction and then capitalize on it. Jo Frost has dedicated her career to healing it, and she's bloody good at what she does. I wish Jo would do a special show where she helps an unmarried single person trying to deal with out of control neighbor kids. I could personally use a little help in this area!moreless
  • Jo Frost, a.k.a. Supernanny, is known for her amazing parenting skills that have saved many families in both the U.S. and the U.K.

    I love Jo Frost! She proves that there are many ways to discipline and be a respectable authority figure with out screaming at, humiliating, or physically punishing children and teens. Not only that, but she seems very down-to-earth and accepting of kids as well. I must say that her parenting techniques really do work. I am 13 years old, and I use them whenever I watch my younger cousins. My cousins and I respect each other more than ever. When I start babysitting kids outside of my family soon, I will definitely take her techniques with me! Rock on, Supernanny!!!moreless