Jo Mapes





Chicago, Illinois

Birth Name




In 1958 Jo Mapes was considered by many in the entertainment industry to be the female folksinger who would be the major star. Poor management and Jo's naevit'e about the business, didn't help.
Jo played all of the best clubs , concert halls and venues, recording five albums for Kapp records, and her last, on F.M. Both companied gone now, her albums are hard to find.
Jo was the ffemale performer on the pilot of The Hootnany show, and the most often repeated guest. A single mother supporting herself and three children,No longer with management or a record label, she spent an exhausting five, six years on the road, until deciding to leave the business in order to stay at home with her children, Her last appearance was her farewell concert at Carnegie Hall, where she recieved a standing ovation..

working in advertising as a writer producer. From 1968 thru 1978, she replaced Roger Ebert at The Chicgo Sun-Times, when he left the newspaper. As music critic, columnist and features writer. Called by Shel Silverstein among others, "The best of the female folksingers", his liner notes on her long lost " Jo MARCH" album, can be found on the web under
"Shel Silverstein liner notes". Now a suburban grandmother of three, parent and friend to a small Daschund named Oscar, her guitar is always close by. Jo has recently completed a book about her years as a singer, and everyone she knew then, established stars, today.
She's the only senior she knows, who listens to The Indigo Girls, Norah Jones Mellisa Ethridge, Eric Clapton and B.B and Buddy Guy, old motown and R&B, folk music,and classic jazz and blues. Ella and Billie and of course, James Taylor..and Bach. Her senior heighbors talk about it. "Why do you listen to that stuff?" She just smiles.