Joan Blondell





8/30/1906 , New York, New York



Birth Name

Rose Joan Blondell




Joan Blondell was born August 30, 1906 in New York, NY and died December 25, 1979 in Santa Monica, CA. The American actress first appeared onstage in a cradle when she was four months old in The Greatest Love. Before she began her adult acting career, she worked a circus hand, fashion model and as a store clerk. She began performing on Broadway in 1927, and starred with James Cagney in Penny Arcade in 1930. She also starred in the film version of the work. One of the highest paid Americans during the Great Depression, she worked as an actress throughout the rest of her life, appearing in almost one hundred films as well as her roles on television. She was married and divorced three times, first to George Barnes and then to Dick Powell and Mike Todd. Her novel, Center Door Fancy (New York: Delacorte Press, 1972) is thought to be an autobiography. Blondell has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.