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    • Joan: There are only so many roles as empresses... but I've had a lot of offers to play vampires.

    • Joan: Be it Western audiences or international audiences, they definitely have an urgent desire to learn about China.

    • Joan: Every culture has a different way of expression. You can absorb from each culture elements that help your performance.

    • Joan: People shouldn't hire you because you are Asian or because there isn't enough diversity. People should hire you because you are extremely talented and you try really hard. Diversity is never the key. What is going to sell you is that you have something special.

    • Joan: I was not exotic when I was in China and obviously I've always been exotic since I've been here. That's the biggest difference for me as far as acting is concerned. I was a lot more normal when I was in China.

    • Joan: Both my parents are very hard-working, very caring, studious people. They take their profession very very seriously. Especially in China, there is not much of a reward other than saving lives. So I have a very very high respect for the profession of medicine.