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  • Joan Collins is true glamour! Visit her new website for fans:

    Joan Collins is a legend. I am really impressed that her career has endured and flourished from the 1950s until today. I was really delighted to see the new Joan Collins in Glamour Land website and fan club that she has launched for her fans. It's fun and so original! Check it out!!

    The website is an homage to the Joan Collins starlet of the 1950s and 60s era--and the glamourous, sophisticated Joan that we know and love today. I'm really excited about learning more about new projects that Joan is doing, and from the looks of it, the folks at Joan's Glamour Land website are definitely ready to keep the fans in the loop!
  • My Brief Experience with Joan Collins

    I have lived in Los Angeles for 20 years from the Midwest.
    For someone who has lived in and socialized in Beverly Hills I have had my share of introductions to many celebrities.
    I can sadly say: that I have rarely been impressed.
    However: this was not the case with Joan Collins.
    Despite the part that she played in Dynasty, she is the warmest way about her.
    I was walking in to Cafe Roma several years ago for a business lunch and as I breezed by: she looked up and smiled to sweetly. Where as many woman are not warm to others, her kind persona completely surprised me.
    She is very sweet.
    We only spoke briefly, but she left me with the best impression of herself.
    Bless her.