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    • (On headlining the 2006 Warped Tour)
      Joan: There would be those fans that knew me, some that only heard my hits and others who didn't know us, and I knew that. It was a chance to put the music with the name.

    • Joan: I would love to do more acting. It's just a matter of waiting for something to come along that I love.

    • (On Runaways band member the late Sandy West)
      Joan: I just wish more people would know of us and of her because Sandy was the first musician I ever played with, period, and I believe she had a lot to do with shaping the guitar player that I became.

    • (On touring to military bases in the 80's)
      Joan: Many troops would come to our shows and we developed relationships with the commanding officers of the various bases and they would just invite us on and we would meet the troops and sign autographs and they were wonderful.

    • Joan: There was a very brief moment after my first band, the Runaways, broke up that I contemplated going into the military.

    • Joan: I think what I have see happen to our country since 2000, and being a very patriotic person who travels a lot (and now I feel very funny about traveling), I started to get really angry about what was happening to our country.

    • Joan: When I find out performers' political persuasions, it taints my feelings for them, so there is always concern that you'll lose fans.