Joan Rivers





Brooklyn, New York, USA



Birth Name

Joan Alexandra Molinsky




Joan was the younger of two daughters of Russian immigrants Beatrice and Meyer Molinsky. Joan got into acting from an early age and continued throughout college; appearing in almost every college production. After graduating and at a loss for what to do Joan took a job as a buyer for a department store. Whilst there she married the Boss's son a marriage which only lasted 6 months. After this and determined to fulfill her dream Joan started making the rounds in New York going through the normal motions of sleazy agents, dirty clubs and hostile audiences. It wasn't until 1965 when her dreams came true with a booking on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. After this Joan met and married her second husband and had a daughter, Melissa. For Joan 1968 through 1972 was when she started making it with appearances on both television and the big screen. In 1983 Joan thought she was at the top of the world, she had book deals, permanent guest star positions on television, sold out concerts and comedy albums. After hitting rock bottom in her personal life Joan picked herself back up and in 1989 she was back on the screens and the stage.