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  • I speak about her as a Comedianne

    Joan is outragous! As blunt as a sledgehammer and a mouth that makes microphones redundant. Joan has that skill of being able to produced a fun sound-bite everytime she opens her mouth, her age might be something she hides with surgery, but her age shows with the wisdom in her words - even if she does sound like a crude teenage boy!

    Its obvious Joan has been around just about everything! From the joyously fabulous to the completly tragic. Shes been up there at the top but shes also got her hands dirty. It all adds up to make a truly wise and insightful women who not only intrigues you by sharing many aspects of her life with you, But makes you laugh so darn much! This women turns tragedy into comedy, - and were not talking about the surgery OK!

    Joan makes me laugh so much. I enjoy her no rubbish approach, her not being scared to offened, so not missing out the middle finger she sticks up PC!

    She's makes an excellent comic and should seriouly release more Stand-up on DVD! The one she has out now is SO worth watching. I always keep an eye out for her on other shows such as 8 out of 10 cats and Parkinson, and Im seriously hoping Alan Carr nabs her for the Friday Night Project!
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    Great actress, and very underrated. I really like the way she potrays and the way she does her thing, I really like the way she acts and I enjoyed most of her works. Her style is very different, and I must say that she is very underrated, though she is so cool.