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Joan Sims

Joan Sims


5/9/1930, Laindon, Essex, England, UK



Birth Name

Irene Joan Marion Sims


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Joan's interest in acting began early in her life. At Laindon railway station, where she lived with her station master father, Joan would often put on performances for waiting passengers. During her teens, Joan, with a growing interest in show business, became a familiar face in several local…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Joan was the only actress to appear in the only emotive scenes to be found in the "Carry On..." films.

    • Joan was a life-long friend of fellow "Carry On..." star Dilys Laye.

    • Joan was a good friend of David Kernan.

    • Joan Sims and Sid James appeared in 17 "Carry On..." films together usually as husband and wife. This is a record in movie history. They were dubbed First Lady and King of "Carry On..." respectively.

    • Joan won the £10 Mabel Temperley prize for grace and charm of movement while at RADA.

    • In 1966, Joan went to Columbia to promote the "Carry On" films.

    • In 1988, Joan was set to appear in a new "Carry On" film, Carry On Again Nurse. Unfortunately the film got cancelled after the deaths of fellow "Carry On" actors Charles Hawltrey and Kenneth Williams.

    • In the early 1980s, Joan developed a drink problem after the death of her good friend, Hattie Jacques, her agent and her mother. Eventually she had to go into hospital to recover from her alcoholism.

    • Joan was propsed to by Kenneth Williams. She refused on the grounds that he was too selfish, homosexual, and she said it would not be consummated is she did marry him.

    • Joan's favourite character that she played in the "Carry On" films was `Belle Armitage` in Carry On Cowboy (1965).

    • Joan was originally offered the role of the Queen of Spain in Carry On Columbus (1992).

    • In the last few weeks of her life, Joan slipped into a coma while hospitalised at the Kensington and Chelsea Hospital in central London.

    • In June 2005, a plaque was unveiled at Laindon railway station in Essex in memory of Joan.

    • In 2000, Joan fractured her hip and spent two weeks in the Conquest Hosital in Hastings, England.

    • In 1999, Joan suffered with Bell's palsy, which caused depression and alcoholism.

    • Joan's ashes were scattered at Putney Vale Cemetery, London.

    • Joan was a good friend of Ronnie Barker & Ronnie Corbett.

    • During Upstairs and Downstairs she bruised her leg during a scene falling over a suitcase. The pain got worse while filming of Carry On Teacher, she developed thrombo-phlebitis, and had her bad leg propped up on off-camera cushions during filming. The first-aid unit were not able to treat the condition and she was then hospitalised for 10 days causing filming to be rescheduled.

    • For most of the "Carry On" movies she appeared in, she was only paid a fee of £2,500 per film.

    • Had a short relationship with Hollywood star Tyrone Power.

    • Claimed to have never married because the right had not come along.

    • Height: 5`5

    • Birth Name: Irene Joan Marion Sims

  • Quotes

    • Joan: I was once mistaken for Shirley MacLaine in a fish-and-chip shop off the Edgware Road.

    • Joan: Men are put off by funny women.

    • Joan: I was always being ticked off for making the class laugh, usually by mimicking the teacher.

    • Joan: I'm a workaholic, really, so it's hard when I'm not working. I'm not a great reader, so I do watch a lot of telly. I've actually become the most frightful cabbage potato.

    • Joan: To be a comic woman, you have to put up with quite a bit of banter. But I didn't mind. I've got a dirty sense of humour and I never found those things really offensive.

    • Joan: I can get quite embarrassed seeing some of the things on television. I don't know whether things have to be quite as explicit as they are nowadays. Carry On films were much more innocent.

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