Joanie Dodds

Joanie Dodds


9/20/1981, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, USA

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Joanie Dodds



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Joanie Dodds
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Joanie Dodds is a 25 year old model from Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. Her father is a minister for the area. She appeared on season six of America's Next Top Model and was the runner-up to Danielle Evans. On the show she was noted for her sense of humour…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • she was great to watch on top model and a insipration for the courage she had when she went to the dentist and sat in the chair for hours on end. so that she would look more beautiful.moreless

    Joanie is a inpiration to watch on America next top model.

    the courage she showed when she sat in the dentist chair for hours on end was amazing. I am proud to say that she is a native of the great Keystone state of Pennsylvania, she is also a great model and wish her the best in everything that she does. good luck Joanie in everything you set your heart to do.your courage and perseveverace will prove that along with Dani of top model you will have a long and sucessful career as a model and a wonderful model to follow int the years to come. Keep up the great work!!!!moreless
  • Joanie deserved to win!!

    I was pretty shocked when Danielle won, Joanie was obviosly the better model. Joanie had a great runway walk, took amazing photo's, and was origanal. Especially with the elephant...I was mad when Sarah totally ripped it off from her..but I am starting to get a little off-topic here. Joanie never took a bad shot, was normally the best of the week, and was probably the first model in ANTM history not to be in the bottom two. I don't know why Danielle won, but that is unrealated, in a way. Overall, Joanie was one of my favourite models in all seasons of antm, and thats why I give her a perfect 10 :Dmoreless