Joanie Laurer

Joanie Laurer


12/27/1969, Rochester, New York, USA

Birth Name

Joanie Marie Laurer



Also Known As

Chyna, Chyna Doll, Chynna Doll
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Joanie Laurer aka Chyna aka Chyna Doll was born in Rochester, New York on December 27, 1969. Her parents were abusive and cruel, so she went to live with her sister, Kathy. She considers Kathy her best friend as well as her mother. Joanie's biological mother married five…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Police were forced to restrain angry animal rights activists during a protest led by Chyna Doll and the Barbi Twins on February 13, 2007. After declaring that certain UCLA psychologists 'needed to get their asses kicked' for testing on monkeys, Chyna led the impassioned mob to the front door of the university's Neuropsychiatric Institute.

    • Joanie has been accused of stealing personal items such as makeup and clothing from fellow castmate and friend Adrianne Curry when they appeared together on The Surreal Life.

    • Joanie was arrested for assaulting her ex, Sean Waltman in January of 2005.

    • Joanie released a sex tape of her and on and off again boyfriend, Sean Waltman in conjunction with Redlight District productions in 2004.

    • Joanie has size ten feet, she gets many compliments on them.

    • Joanie was in a commercial for the Stacker 2 in 2000.

    • Joanie auditioned for the role of Wonder Woman along with Sandra Bullock, and Jennifer Aniston in 2001.

    • Joanie boxed with Joey Buttafuoco in Fox Network's Celebrity Boxing II, the decision went to Joey.

    • Joanie is a licensed boxer, and was training for her first boxing match, when she was hired on by the WWF.

    • Joanie has worked as: a belly dancer, a singing telegram, airline attendant, sang in a band, and sold pagers.

    • Joanie's idol is Jane Fonda for her strength and talent in acting.

    • Joanie speaks fluent Spanish, French, and German languages.

    • Joanie can bench press 325 lbs.

    • Joanie auditioned for the part of TX in T3: Rise of the Machine in 2003, she lost the part to Kristanna Loker.

    • Joanie didn't get along with her parents, and left home at the age of fifteen.

    • Joanie tried to be a secret service agent with the United States government, but did not meet all qualifications.

    • Joanie was in the music video "Enemy" for the band Sevendust in 2003.

    • Joanie was the first woman to compete in the 'Royal Rumble' match and 'King of the Ring' tournament.

    • Laurer turned down a six figure offer to go back to wrestling and has repeatedly stated that she has absolutely no desire or plan to ever return to the ring for WWE.

    • Several months later, Laurer returned to television for the The Surreal Life reunion, where she appeared to be in much better physical shape than in her previous public appearances.

    • It became clear in 2005 after appearances on the Howard Stern Show that Laurer had alcohol abuse problems that stemmed from abuse from her boyfriend.

    • In 2004, Laurer appeared in the fourth season of the VH1 show The Surreal Life along with Da Brat, Jane Wiedlin, Christopher Knight, Verne Troyer, Marcus Schenkenberg (who she was rumored to be dating), and Adrianne Curry.

    • Laurer has made numerous guest appearances on television series, including 3rd Rock from the Sun, Pacific Blue, Relic Hunter, Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and Fear Factor.

    • In her top selling autobiography, If Only They Knew, Laurer revealed that her breast implants were custom made after she complained to her plastic surgeon that their largest implants didn't suit her frame in the way she desired.

    • The star began an acting career, appearing on shows like Tracker, Relic Hunter, Whose Line Is It Anyway, Sabrina and even starring in a Touchstone picture called Frank McKlusky CI.

    • Laurer has modeled nude, notably for Playboy; the issue which featured a pictorial of her was one of the ten best selling issues in the magazine's history. In 2002, following her departure from WWF/WWE, Laurer also appeared in a Playboy documentary, entitled Joanie Laurer: Nude Wrestling Superstar.

    • Chyna's finishing and signature moves in the WWF were the Jackknife Powerbomb, Pedigree, DDT, Sleeper slam, Gorilla press slam, Handspring back elbow, and the Kneeling low blow (from behind).

    • Laurer's in-ring career November 2001 then has been very limited. She has sung and wrestled at an Ultimate Pro Wrestling event. She also made several appearances for New Japan Pro Wrestling, and in a celebrity boxing tournament.

    • She left the WWF on November 30, 2001, several months after negotiations had broken down and she had been taken off television.

    • During her contract renegotiations, Laurer was unhappy with the pay she was offered and the fact that she was expected to compete principally in the women's division rather than against men.

    • Laurer returned a few weeks later and began a feud with Ivory over the WWF Women's Championship. This culminated in an angle at the 2001 Royal Rumble where Laurer appeared to re-injure her neck while performing a handspring back elbow. The highly publicized return of Laurer from the "injury" culminated in her winning the Women's Championship from Ivory at WrestleMania X-Seven in a squash match.

    • Laurer was announced as injured after a vicious double team piledriver at the hands of Ivory and Val Venis in 2000.

    • Laurer's appearance in Playboy attracted the unwanted attention of Right to Censor, a strait-laced group of wrestlers who lampooned the Parents Television Council.

    • In 2000, Laurer briefly teamed with Chris Jericho before becoming the on-screen girlfriend of Eddie Guerrero. Guerrero and Laurer became very popular during the summer of 2000, with Guerrero dubbing her his "Mamacita". They split in the autumn of 2000 after Eddie was found cavorting in the shower with two of The Godfather's "hos", Mandy and Victoria.

    • She defeated Jarrett for the title in his last WWF match on October 17, 1999 at No Mercy, in the process becoming the first and only woman to win the Intercontinental Championship.

    • In late 1999, Laurer became a face again, allying with The Kat and feuding with Jeff Jarrett over the WWF Intercontinental Championship.

    • The day after the 1999 Royal Rumble, Laurer turned heel by betraying Triple H and aligning herself with his enemy Vince McMahon. She was a thorn in the side of Triple H until he too joined McMahon's stable at WrestleMania XV.

    • Her career reached new heights when she met World Wrestling Federation employees Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Triple H) and Shawn Michaels in a bar in 1997. Struck by her appearance, they helped her get into the WWF.

    • Joanie Laurer trained at Wladek "Killer" Kowalski's wrestling school in Salem, Massachusetts.

    • She is best known for her appearances with the World Wrestling Federation between 1997 and 2001, where she was known as Chyna and nicknamed "The Ninth Wonder of the World."

    • Admitted she has tried to commit suicide on numerous occasions.

    • She appeared on Reggie Benjamin's 2X Centrix CD. Her CD ride made it to #4 on the Billboard charts. She is now singing under the name of Chynna Doll.

    • She was the only women Intercontinental Champion; and she co-champed the title with Chris Jericho.

    • She was engaged to Sean "X-Pac" Waltman in November 2002, but they broke up, then got back together, and finally broke up.

    • She dated Paul "Triple H" LeVesque from January/February 1997 to late 2000/Early 2001.

    • Her original role was as Chyna, the laconic bodyguard of D-Generation X, often getting physically involved in Triple H's matches.

    • While in the WWF, she held the Women's Championship on numerous occasions.

  • Quotes

    • Joanie: I'm not so much for the equal rights thing. Whether you are a woman or a different race, if you can step up to the should be able to.

    • Joanie: You'll never see me eating drive-through fast food, but if I want to, I can have a glass of wine or a piece of cheesecake and then the next day pose for Playboy magazine.

    • Joanie: I messed with Vern when we all moved into that Surreal Life house, he didn't take it so well in the beginning. As the days moved on, he and I wound up being great friends, I would do anything I could to help him out. I am pretty sure that the feeling is mutual, it had better be.

    • Joanie: I think about settling down and starting a family sometimes, I also think of starting a band, traveling through space, and becoming president.

    • Joanie: Joey Buttafuoco is a jerk, capital J. He knew that the boxing match was not supposed to be a full force death match, had I known that we were playing for keeps, I would've knocked that little weasel out from the bell.

    • Joanie: I am grounded now, for the first time in my adult life. I feel like I will be at peace as long as I continue down this road, and stay away from the negativity that brought me so much pain before.

    • Joanie: I look back on my time on The Surreal Life and cringe. I enjoyed meeting all all of the housemates, who turned into my friends and family, but my state of mind was unsettled.

  • Commenting on the Lary King Show with Joanie Laurer and Monique Goen about Anna Nichole Smith. I hope i have the right place for my comment. This is on Joanie Laurer and I score her a 0.3moreless

    I totally agree with Monique Goen, Joanie seems the need to use other stars to get attention these days. I mean sincwe she cut her hair and put on all that weight she has really changed. The way she treated the other castmates on Fame Game surreal life show was terrible. It just shows how UNPOPULAR she really is and I think she knows it and can't handle it. I am not trying to be mean or anything, BUT sometimes the truth hurts. But getting back to Anna Nichole Smith, Well Joanie may have worked with her, but that doesn't mean she was her BEST friend now. She acted so suprised when Monique confronted her about Anna not liking her and ignoring her calls. Well Joanie even addmitted that Anna didn't call her back. Just face it and move on, don't use other peoples tragities to get your own fame. I loved watching the Surreal Life Show and never thought it was a "has been" celebrity show until I keep seeing Joanie back on. The other celebrities on the show don't think they are better than anyone else, WHY does she? But when I seen her on Larry King.... oh my, that took the cake. I bet it really opened up her eyes to have Monique shoot Joanie down on National TV. Let's face it Joanie, You need a real, honest job. And stop thinking your better than everyone else. YOUR NOT! Thanks to this website, normal, caring people (Fans) can give their oppinion. It's Great. I hope other fans know and understand what I am writing and will agree. M. Smithmoreless
  • Summation of what Joanie brings to my life.

    For someone who struggles, like me, with what they are every day, the contradictions in my head, and the physical being I am, and the physical being I want to be, Joanie brings me peace, encouragement, and a feeling of accomplishment. I am a gay man, who does drag, and is constantly chastised by my drag peers about my personal convictions and affinities. Joanie being one of them. I try to surround myself, visually, with things that remind me of what Joanie has given me: encouragement. I have a "Chyna" fabric that I had made into a little skirt and jacket, and it makes me feel strong, powerful, and attractive. I have a "Chyna" bowling ball, and I know that it gives me the focus, when I see her image, to bring about a result. I work out to Joanie's VHS workout video from her days in wrestling. She not only kicks my ass, but encourages me that if I can't do what she does, that what I can do is good. And to build up to the harder things. I think, she is a very beautiful person. And no one really ever thanks her for what she's done. If she will ever read this, maybe she'll know what she means to one person who can identify with not fitting in. And what continued hope, encouragement and beauty she brings to my life. No matter what anyone else says. She's made me a better person. I still believe in her, because I think, in an odd way, she believes in me. If she knew me, she would. That's why I am not going to quit going for what I want, what I believe in, and what I can do. Thank You Joanie Laurer, for everything you give. Without knowing it.moreless