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Joanna Gleason

Joanna Gleason


6/2/1950, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Joanna Hall


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Joanna comes from a show business family and is the daughter of game show host Monty Hall and Marilyn (Plotell) Hall, her mother was a writer-producer and Emmy-award winner. She has two siblings, Sharon, a television writer and Richard Hall, Richard Hall, an Emmy Award winning television producer.


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    • Joanna Gleason: (about winning a Tony Award) I cherish it and I'm proud of it and it doesn't really change much of anything, but it's awfully good for your ego.

    • Joanna Gleason: (about having an actor for a husband) It's like life...we don't really bring too much work home. We're each other's huge fans and closest confidants and counsel vis a vis work as well as everything more.

    • Joanna Gleason: At the end of the day, making sure that all the drawers are empty. Use everything you are given...make life better for others...grow up, and at the end of the days, leave nothing unfinished.

    • Joanna Gleason: (About driving from Los Angles to New York) Just fabulous. It took us four days and four hours. There is something about driving - you take the time to talk. I used to do this with my son when he was little. We would take trips to Yosemite. We would go to San Francisco, but instead of flying anywhere we would drive. Somehow, when a parent and a child or spouses are not face-to-face talking, there's a more dreamlike state than sitting side by side. You're much freer. Maybe it's why therapy started out lying on the couch.

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