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  • just want to find out wether joanna kerns birthday is 2/12/1953 or 2/2/1953

    well you guys say its te 2/12/53 and another site said it is 2 feburary 1953 smile coz mine is also on the 2/12/? smile again anyway i think she is still hot, and have done for yrs and think she was hot then and hot know. yummy mummy yummy mummy yummy mummy yummy mummy yummy yummy mummy mummy yummy mummyyummy mummy i love you joanna kerns oh and i love you more lauren graham oh and laurel holloman oh and kathrine hiegl oh and michelle phieffer oh and the lists goes on yummy mummy yummy mummy yummy mummy yummy mummy
  • Mom, dearest Mom, Joanna Kerns

    Mom, dearest Mom, Joanna Kerns is the same age with my mom, much charming lady and very smart. When I was watching Growing Pains, I imaged I was a member of Seavers and my mom, dad, brothers and sisters are treating me gentlely, sometimes, talking about life, family, future and everything. When I have my own family, I got to know, I need that kind of family as I do a lot to build a family as perfect as Seavers. A family means too much to a person, giving us warm, protecting us from anything bad, getting in the position when we need help. Mom will be the most reliable person, and she is supporting us all the time as she is loving her own children. Joanna acted just like this, a great mother.