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  • A British actress with something of an international career behind her.

    Pre 2010, Joanne Froggatt was perhaps best known to British viewers through her role in "Coronation Street". There are many critics who have openly stated that she is one of the best of the breed of young actresses to have ever been associated with the long-running show.

    For someone who wasn't born until 1979, she has quite a bit of work under her belt. In 2009, she played the title role in "Murder in the Outback: The Joanne Lees Story", which was a dramatization of the shooting of a young British tourist and the attempted abduction of his girlfriend, played very convinvingly by Ms. Froggatt.

    Joanne said in early 2011 that when the time is right, she would like to try her luck as an actress in Hollywood. Currently, however, she is wowing audiences with her portrayal of housemaid Anna in the smash hit British drama, "Downton Abbey" which has been a huge ratings success and added even more to Joanne's popularity.