Joanne Whalley





8/25/1964 , Salford, Lancashire, England

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Joanne Whalley, born on August 25, 1961 in Manchester, England, is a British actress. After attending the Braeside School of Speech and Drama, Whalley embarked on a television career in English programs such as Coronation Street and Emmerdale. She briefly flirted with a musical career thereafter, singing in bands such as the Slowguns and Cindy and the Saffrons, before deciding to focus on an acting career. Her first big break came in George Lucas' big-budget fantasy film, Willow. Although the film was a commercial and critical disappointment, it did propel Whalley's acting career as she appeared in major Hollywood films such as Navy Seals, Shattered and Storyville. Her career began to dim in the late 1990s, however, and she mostly appeared on small films and as a television guest star over the ensuing decade. She married actor Val Kilmer in 1988 and filed for divorce in 1995. The couple had two children, Mercedes and Jack.