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  • Joaquin Phoenix: one of the most talented actors the world has ever seen.

    Joaquin Phoenix is one of my very favorite actors. I have only seen him in a few films such as To Die For,The Village, Signs,Ladder 49,Hotel Rwanda, and Walk the Line, but in each film he has managed to blow me away with his acting ability and soak me in the radiant sunlight he bathes on each character. Truly, he must have a God given gift, because he transforms each of his characters from just people on a page, into a real human being with feelings and motives that you can relate to and understand in some way. He pulls you in with so much unsaid emotion that it is hard to pull away after watching. He keeps you satisfied and yet wanting more. It's pure perfection in every sense of the form and what every actor wants to have and yet Joaquin is so humble. He's truly an amazing individual.
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    He is Talented & Very Good Actor... Real Class in acting with Joaquin... i like joaquin
  • Joaquin is such a talented actor. I came to know him because I was a hudge fan of his older brother River and now I feel in many ways he has surpassed his brother in talent.

    I have liked alot of Joaquin Phoenix's films and loved him in them. Inventing the Abbets, Signs, Ladder 49 and my favorite Joaquin film Walk The Line. Joauin is a great actor. Not only is his increadably good looking but he is such a compelling and charismatic actor. His role as Johnny Cash in Walk The Line is one of the greatest movie performances ever filmed he became Johnny Cash and was so good I forgot I was watching Joaquin act. He is such a humble and down to earth guy I hope he contuies making good films for years to come.
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    Great actor if you ask me. I think that he is really cool, and all of his roles are always full with passion and emotion, I really love him acting. Walk the Lin,e THe Village, Gladiator, Parenthood, a lot of good films that he has started in, and he is just awesome in them. I just love his style.
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    No matter what role Joaquin takes on or what movie he stars in, that role or movie really comes to life due to his presence. Of all of his amazing roles (and there are many), my favorite was his work in "Gladiator."
  • one of the best actors around,

    no matter what he does he ceases to be joaquin, he becomes the character. a true charachter actor who chooses films with content not just a box office pay out, I look forward to his up coming films in the knowledge that I will not be disappointed. lets just hope he lives, doesn't go mad or find himself arrested. all this and he sings too!
  • Finally someone with talent has hit the big screen.

    He definently sets the bar for hollywood actors. If you want to know what real class and talent are all you have to do is take a look. A lot of these so called great talents dont have the first clue as how to maintain an auora of mystic and pure sexuality. Hollywood should definetly stop and take a good long look at the raw talent sitting right in front of their face. Joaquin's voice is enough alone to make you stop in your tracks. My faith in the movie industry has been revived. I hope he doesn't slow down, because Joaquin lights up the screen performance after performance.
  • better than the original Johnny Cash

    Joaquin Phoenix may not be following in the path of River's when it comes to drugs, but he sure is when it comes to his acting ability. Joaquin's performance in "Walk the Line" was spell binding. He delivered a powerful portrayal of Johnny Cash through talented acting and singing vocals. He also won a Golden Globe, but unfortunately lost the Best Actor Oscar to Philip Seymour Hoffman for "Capote".
  • In a world where 'talent' like Nick Lachey and Brad Pitt are the kings of pop culture, people like Joaquin Phoenix are barely a household name. People need to see what people like Joaquin can do.

    I recently saw Joaquin Phoenix's new movie, the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line. He is absolutely amazing in the role of Johnny Cash, the legendary singer/songwriter. Joaquin Phoenix played the character of Johnny Cash just like the way we remember him, the druggie singer who romances, loves, yet never quite WINS June Carter (Reese Witherspoon, see other review on Reese Witherspoon page).
    I have never seen any of Joaquin's other movies, but I will do the best I can to get my hands on Ladder 49 (actually visited the set of that movie!) to see more talent like that!