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  • Joaquin Phoenix: one of the most talented actors the world has ever seen.

    Joaquin Phoenix is one of my very favorite actors. I have only seen him in a few films such as To Die For,The Village, Signs,Ladder 49,Hotel Rwanda, and Walk the Line, but in each film he has managed to blow me away with his acting ability and soak me in the radiant sunlight he bathes on each character. Truly, he must have a God given gift, because he transforms each of his characters from just people on a page, into a real human being with feelings and motives that you can relate to and understand in some way. He pulls you in with so much unsaid emotion that it is hard to pull away after watching. He keeps you satisfied and yet wanting more. It's pure perfection in every sense of the form and what every actor wants to have and yet Joaquin is so humble. He's truly an amazing individual.