Jock McGregor





5/24/1896 , Hamilton, NY

Birth Name

Sherman Albert MacGregor




"Jock", as his friends knew him, was a decorated WWI veteran and returned to marry his sweetheart, Alva Hamlet. He broke into the budding radio industry an actor/announcer, and was soon producing and directing such shows as "Nick Carter- Private I", NBC Radio Playhouse Theater, Cisco Kid, The Shadow, and a kid's show called "Coast to Coast on a Bus", which featured real kids, one of whom was his daughter Joan. One episode of this kid's show was the first radio show ever broadcast from an airplane, flying above New York City.

The birth of TV in the late 1940's- early '50's spelled the demise of most radio shows, at which point Jock went in partnership as half-owner of a gas station. But entertainment was in his blood. In the early 50's he started making guest appearances in such shows as "The Honeymooners", "The Jack Benny Show", and NBC"PlayhouseTheater". He also appeared in films such as Vincent Price's "Houseof Wax". His most notable film was his starring role as Jed Morgan in "The Wahoo Bobcat", which aired Oct. 20, 1963 on NBC's "Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color". He also modeled for ads in popular magazines, such as "Life", and "The New Yorker". He retired with his wife Alva to St. Petersburg, FLA. , where he died in 1984 at the age of 88. Joan was his only child, but he is survived by 4grandchildren,
6 great-grandchildren, and 3 great-great grandchildren (so far).