Jodi Benson





Rockford, Illinois, USA

Birth Name

Jodi Marie Marzorati Benson




In 1989, Disney gave the world a headstrong, teenage mermaid who could sing, and a star was born. Jodi Benson not only leant her voice to the character of Ariel in Disney's The Little mermaid, but she brought it to life and turned it into a character that even to this day inspires little girls to dream big. However, this role was just the start of her career. After be recognized for her singing talent she went on to knock-out the theater world with countless starring roles that range from Anita in West Side Story to Doria Hudson of Smile, a role which never existed before her. Although she became a part of the glamour of Broadway, Disney has always been eager to call on her voice talents from time to time and she has always been eager to say yes. For example, many people may not know that she was the over-peppy Tour Guide Barbie from Disney and Pixar's box-office sequel, Toy Story 2. And you can be certain that anytime somthing new with Ariel is marketed, she's always the one lending the voice. Outside of entertainment, she is married to Ray Benson-another entertainer-and although their marraige once took a rocky turn, a new-found faith in God helped them restore it. They remained married and now have 2 beautiful children.