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  • Jodi is such a beautiful girl! My friend claims that she is Jodi's second cousin, and you know what? There are enough facts to prove that she's not lying.

    I absolutely loved Jodi's performnce in The Little Mermaid! She is an amazing singer and voice actress, and she is my idol! Jodi is amazing. I totally wish that I could be half as successful in the voice acting world, or in anything, for that matter. I believe that Miss Benson should be more famous than she is now, and that she should put out a solo album. It would definately be a best seller! Even if no one knew about her they would more likely than not heara song or two on the radio and want more, more, more!
  • Does two of the characters i like!

    Jodi Benson is really a good voice actor she is mostly known for her role as Ariel in Little Mermaid and Patsy and Jane Doe from Camp Lazlo she does two different voices on the characters though She uses an older voice for Ariel and a younger voice for Patsy also she does deserve a 1.0 because she really is a good voice actor.
  • Gorgeous person on and off the screen

    I have loved Jodi Benson when she was Ariel in
    The Little Mermaid and put a lot of heart and
    Soul into the part and that is why she made the
    Part very famous as well as the underdog that you
    Want to root for! Glad that also she is a Christian
    And her marriage is more stronger than ever and with two
    Beautiful children!