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  • Seadog

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    S 1 : Ep 3 - 10/7/03

    When a Navy commander's body washes up on shore along with the bodies of two drug runners, Gibbs refuses to believe that the sailor who was killed was dirty.
  • Girlfight

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    S 3 : Ep 12 - 4/18/01

    Elena is wounded in the shoulder; but the only person to sustain serious injuries in the shooting is some girl that no one had ever seen before. Ben accompanies Avery in the ambulance and urges her to fight for her life. She flatlines for a moment, but the paramedics are able to revive her. Avery eventually recovers from her injuries. She showers Ben with expensive gifts and fully admits to a romantic interest in him, much to Felicity's dismay. Noel becomes extremely depressed after the shooting. He cheers up a little after sleeping with Avery. Elena signs up for a self-defense class in the hopes of regaining her self-confidence, and frightens Felicity with her aggressive behavior. Felicity refuses to accompany Elena to the class, but changes her mind when Avery decides to attend. Felicity enjoys the tremendous satisfaction of getting to flip Avery in the air and slam her to the ground. Tracy returns from Africa a month early. Elena learns that he is dating someone he met on the trip. She assumes that they are together because the girl is religious and will not pressure Tracy to have sex. However, she finds a condom in Tracy's wallet. Elena tearfully tells Felicity that Tracy never loved her. Meghan works as a teaching assistant at an elementary school for her work study. She is ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation after teaching witchcraft to a bullied little girl. After the shooting and James' arrest, a guilt-ridden Molly decides to go back to England for a while.moreless
  • Hair

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    S 5 : Ep 14 - 2/9/99

    Jimmy's fear of hippies causes him to blow a big deal; Max and Beth spoil Lisa's dog.
  • Episode 01

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    S 1 : Ep 1 - 5/25/97

    Segment 1: "The Apparition"
    A lady who has a history of mental problems sees images in her upstairs mirror.

    Segment 2: "The Electric Chair"
    A Man on his way to the electric chair only to have the chair malfunction. After checking the chair the man was rescheduled 24 hours later. During those 24 hours another man was caught and confessed to the crime.

    Segment 3: "On The Road"
    A night club singer (Vicky) invites her husband to their old night club hangout which now appears to be closed. Their daughter arrives by getting the same strange phone call to meet her there but Vicky is no where to be found. While waiting the daughter finds her earring and the father got a call saying Vicky was in a plane crash and died. Both realized that the calls came in after she passed away.

    Segment 4: "Number One With A Bullet"
    A wife is treating her husband with a trip to Paris only to come home to find him in bed with another woman. She grabs the husband's gun and they struggle only to be shot and killed. The wife's friend returned and shot at him while mowing the grass. Missing her target, the bullet lodged in a tree and the husband never even knew he was shot at. Years later when the husband was cutting down the tree the chain saw hit the bullet and it shot out and killed the husband.

    Segment 5: "Dream House"
    A woman dreaming of the perfect house ends up finding the one she saw in her dreams. After submitting a bid they find out the house is haunted and when the home owner arrives in the room she believes the woman was the one haunting the house.