Jodi Lyn O'Keefe





10/10/1978 , Cliffwood Beach, New Jersey

Birth Name

Jodi Lyn O'Keefe




Jodi Lyn O'Keefe was born on October 10, 1978 in Cliffwood Beach, New Jersey. She was the youngest of three sisters. Her childhood saw her with a bowl haircut, and as a self-described dork. Jodie saw her older sister modeling though, and decided she, too wanted to give it a try. She did, and says the modeling jobs brought her more confidence and more friends.

She attended a Catholic school, and says she shot up. She went from being the shortest in to 5'8", leaving her taller, and a complete klutz. But midway through her junior year, she left school to start on Another World, the soap opera. She then got a role on Nash Bridges, as Don Johnson's daughter. She and her mother moved out to Hollywood, so Jodi finished her schooling by mail.

Jodi was well on her way to stardom, but a role in 1999's popular teen flick She's All That brought her to the forefront. The comedy had her playing Taylor Vaughn, the most popular (and conceited) girl in school. When asked if it was hard to play such a character, Jodi replied, "Everybody knew a Taylor Vaughn in high school.. Working in show business, you meet girls like that everyday."

Jodi carried on filming both movies and for Nash Bridges up until the series ended in 2001. Her last film was a sequel to Rose McGowan's little known movie Dearly Devoted. Her character in the sequel was named Debbie Strong, however Rose played Debbie Strand, which had fans confused, but still growing.

Since then Jodi has been laying low at home for a while. Fans have often left messages on forums querying why the young, talented, respectively cheap and available actress has found no work for two years. Answer? She's been together with Nash Bridges co-star Jaime Gomez. Other than that no reason can be given. Her career was beginning to take off before she vanished. She makes the odd appearance at movie premieres and parties from time to time, however. That, until she found work on a regular basis on the hit series Prison Break.

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