Jodie Dorday

Jodie Dorday


1/4/1968, New Zealand

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Jodie Dorday


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Jodie trained as a dancer (ballet, jazz) for twenty years before getting into acting. Her first film role was as the priestess Io on "Xena". She has since continued to act on the stages of Auckland and on television, including a two month stint on Shortland Street, and…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Jodie is currently based in Australia, but works in New Zealand as well.

    • Jodie is a trained pianist as well as being a singer and dancer.

    • Jodie can use the following accents: Irish, American, Australian, and Kiwi.

    • Jodie is athletic and enjoys most sports, but is most proficient in scuba diving (PADI certified), sailing, horseback riding, skiin, roller blading; running, and squash.

    • Jodie's theatre credits include:
      (2002) Love Is the Best Doctor "Lisette" Chapel Off Chapel Aust., Dir Alison Wall
      (2002) The Story of Angerlee Bredenza "Lilith" Chapel Off Chapel Aust.
      (2002) Take a Chance on Me "Eleanor" Auckland Theatre Company, Dir Janice Finn
      (2001) King Lear "Goneril" Sydney Theatre Company
      (2000) Been So Long "Yvonne" Griffith Theatre, Sydney
      (1999) Sylvia "Lead" DownstageTheatre,Wellington
      (1997) All My Sons "Lydia" Auckland Theatre Company
      (1996) Social Climbers Centerpoint Theatre, Palmerston North
      (1996) A Midsummer Nights Dream "Helena" Centerpoint Theatre, Palmerston North
      (1995) Dancing at Lughnasa "Chris" Auckland Theatre Company
      (1993) Too Much Punch for Judy "Judy" Theatre In Education

    • Jodie spent five years as the lead dancer/comedienne/assistant choreographer at Burgandy's of Parnell. She was lead performer for New Zealand Showtime Productions at Kinsui International Hotels in Fukiyama, Japan for six months. She is also lead dancer and choreographer at the Downtown Convention Centre.

    • Jodie was nominated for "Best Supporting Actress" at the New Zealand Film and Television Awards for her role of Lyndsay in Home Movie.

    • Jodie represented professionally by the firm Kathryn Rawlings Actors.

    • Jodie is often erroneously credited with appearing in the Xena episode "Endgame", where we see Jodie's character Solari lying dead on the ground. But Jodie did not return for this cameo, so they use a double whose face is never seen.

    • Jodie was featured as a celebrity enjoying the trendy Auckland Red Restaurant and Bar in a 2005 article for the Ponsonby magazine. She is pictured alongside Kate Devereux.

    • Jodie frequently enjoys visiting her mother's house on the beach at Coromandel in Northern New Zealand.

    • Frances Till, theatre critic for the New Zealand Herald, said of Jodie's role for the 2002 play Take a Chance on Me, "Three of the four female roles have been recast, and the inspired choice of Jodie Dorday (lawyer Eleanor) adds so much to the play that if nothing else had changed it would still be worth a second look."

    • In 1999, Jodie won "Best Supporting Actress" for her role in the film Via Satellite.

    • Jodie is 5'7", with brown hair and brown eyes.

    • Jodie's part as the Amazon Solari was created because the actress who had played a different Amazon in a previous episode wasn't available to reprise her role on Xena.

    • One of Jodie's most humorous moments on the set of the Xena episode "The Quest" was when her character had to flip a stunt woman over her shoulder. On the first take the stunt woman made such a loud noise hitting the mat, Jordie was worried she'd hurt the other woman, so she ran over to the stuntie in spite of the fact that the cameras were still rolling and asked her if she was okay, only to be laughed at by the woman and everyone else on set.

    • Jodie's hobbies include reading, swimming and diving.

    • One of Jodie's most challenging roles was her guest appearance on the soap Shortland Street. For two months, she portrayed a young woman with multiple sclerosis.

  • Quotes

    • Jodie: (on being cast as a lead character on "Burying Brian") My character's workload was pretty heavy going- so just getting the old brain muscle up to speed again to learn lines quickly was a priority. When you first start on set it's like a wheel that's stuck in mud! But by the end of filming 10 weeks later, it's incredible how quickly you can retain information.

    • Jodie: (on her show "Burying Brian") The chance to throw large objects (really badly) at lovely Shane Cortese was incredibly tempting! And of course the chance to be back in my home town, doing what I love doing, was just too to hard to resist...

    • Jodie: (on playing Jodie on "Burying Brian) I'm a hopeless liar so it was rather thrilling to have the chance to play a lead character caught up in the web of lies that Jodie and her friends find themselves spinning to try and stay on top of everything - not particularly successfully!

    • Jodie: On Xena, you just have to 'go with it'- the director is often so full on with technical problems or the overall product that you take risks and go hard out- you'll soon be pulled back if it is too much.

    • Jodie: I've been lucky to have had a break getting into theater in New Zealand and have worked with the Auckland Theater Company and have had fairly regular work for TV and film. I seem to have steady work acting. It's tough when you don't know what's coming up next or when. That would be the same for any actor anywhere in the world though.

    • Jodie: I have trained in ballet and jazz for 20 years and I've found with any acting role that the co-ordination and strength you gain from dance helps immensely- especially for Xena roles because they would be wanting a 'specific look'.

    • Jodie: (on an acting master class she took) I'm proud of myself for wanting to do this course. You know you're going to be stripped bare and working with people better than you.

    • Jodie: I would love a lead role in a movie playing a gutsy emotionally strong woman with high stakes to motivate her.

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