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Jodie Dowdall

Jodie Dowdall

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  • I can't believe that in this whole world, Including the 1.3 billion chinese who are half men or the gay female community, None of you have anything to say about this greened eyed godess, shes gorgeous! I'll just have to fix that.moreless

    so U want to know about the Jodster

    well let me tell U

    she’s a beautiful, friendly, sensual girl with a warm heart and a captivating smile.

    more sexy then Angelina Jolie.

    more seductive then Sharon Stone.

    more erotic then Aria Giovanni, for one Jody doesn’t fake and another she is way better looking.

    an all Canadian girl who loves her beer.

    she looks great without makeup, dressed down.

    she intimidates other women simply by walking into the room and being happy.

    if she can’t find it she’ll grind it.

    they do not include her picture here because all contests of beauty would end and this server would be overwhelmed with traffic.

    and even though Tina’s mom told me she’s married now she still invades my thoughts and my dreams.

    [don’t know what her married name is]

    there is far more to say about the qualities and features of this girl but I can’t spend my whole life dwelling on a married woman now can I.

    I had an issue or two getting reged on this site but normally on the net my nick is Positron, had to use this nick as it now says positron is takin.

    Posi only writes when he knows, so you can take all here as factmoreless