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  • she rocks!!

    Jodie is best known for playing Stephanie Judith Tanner on Full House but she deserves more credit for it! she is way better than MK and A Olsen!! Stephanie was my favorite charecter on Full House she was way way way better than Michelle. But of course Michelle had to still the spotlight!! How Rude!! She is really talented and pretty she is a wonderful actress!! I would give her an A.
  • Jodie is awesome and she should be on TV more.

    Jodie Sweeting is best known as playing Stephanie Tanner on Full House. I loved her character a lot. Even though she wasn't my favorite, she was still awesome. She was so cute in the first season. She was also pretty funny. I think Jodie needs to be in more roles on TV. She is amazing and her talent shouldn't go to waste. The only time I've seen her on TV was on Full House. That's one of my favorite shows. It would also be cool if she appeared on Disney Channel or Nickeoldeon. Overall, an incredible actress and she should be a bigger star. Go Jodie!
  • This girl with all that talent should of been a bigger star.

    Okay so she was one of the main characthers and mine favorite charcter on full house. After that show ended she didn't do much which is pretty sad because she can act , sing , dance , and looks decent. She's kinda old now i think shes in her 20's but not sure but she seems like a real good person just is notice enough i guess. Hopefully i'll see her face in some kind of movie or tv show and say thats my girl doing what she does best in performing in front of the carma because she has the talent.
  • She is awesome and was soooo adorable on Full House

    She is best known for her role as Stephanie Judith Tanner, the middle child on Full House. She was and still is my favorite character. She deserves more credit, she was part of the reason Full House got so popular. She was my fave character.I still watch Full House, and I love her catch phrases like "How Rude", a sarcastic "Hot Dog", and "Pin a rose on your nose". She has been married and divorced twice, and has a daughter named Zoie. If I ever were to make a TV show, which I am hoping to do, I would want to cast her in it for sure.
  • Loved this girl

    I think Jodie Sweetin was incredible on Full House and I adored her character Stephanie on the show itself. I watched her grow up on that show (while I grew up as well) and I always loved the way she made me laugh and love her character. I remember being young and wishing I had a sister like her. Now I watch the reruns and I see how adorable she was during those young days of "How Rude!" LOL. I think Jodie Sweetin should have had more roles after Full House and I felt bad for her after she had that drug phase but nonetheless she has always been one of my all time favorites.
  • She is very talented.

    She was my favourite Tanner on Full House. She was great as Stephanie. Cute, funny, talented, and sweet. I would watch Full House just to see what she did this week. She was so funny and her lines on Full House were great.
    I would be interested in seeing her act now. She had a spark and pizzaz on Full House and it would be intesting to see all of that now.
    It is a shame that she did not get bigger. I am quite surprised by it I really thought she would get roles after Full House. I hope she does some acting I miss her on TV.
  • I really liked you when you were on Full House because I thought you had a cute nobby nose.

    I am a big fan of yours. I have watched and taped every episode with you as Stephanie Tanner in Full House.

    I am living in a residential house because I have Aspergers Syndrome, which means I get stuck on magpies, I have been watching Full House with family and friends.

    I would like to meet you for a cake and a hot chocolate one day.
  • She was my second favorite on Full House next to Joey. She should consider acting more she was so great! Well right now she wants to live a normal life. But I hope she starts to act again. She is so pretty! So Good Luck Jodie!

    Jodie Sweetin. Wait for it... Oh yes! Jodie Sweetin. The Full House Sweetheart. Every How Rude counted, but Jodie Sweetin was still my second favorite character on the show Full House! I really hope she does get back into acting because I really loved her. Jodie rocked.
    She should get back into acting because a lot of people love her. Even though she is living a normal life I hope Jodie Sweetin conisders. I would love seeing her back on telivision. Full House wouldn\'t be the same with oh so sweet Stephanie Judith Tanner. So rock on Jodie, I hope I see you on television again!
  • Now HERE is an actress who has promise, talent, and a beautiful smile.

    Now HERE is an actress who has promise, talent, and a beautiful smile. She was so cute on Full House and I am happy that she is happy with her husband. Jodie Sweetin also kicked herself off of drugs and it takes effort to do that. On Full House she was just the cutest little thing. Better actress than Candace Cameron and the Olsens, and Jodie Sweetin is so underrated right now and I love her. She used to be so pretty, and I don't have an updated picture of her. I wonder what she looks like now. Jodie Sweetin
  • she was so cute on full house.....

    come on everybody admit it she was adorable!how could you not love her!it was such a shame that she didn't get as much publicity as mary-kate and ashley did because when she was little she was just as cute!i think it is because she started when she was what?like 4 and a half? so that is probably why.i think she should have been in more movies and made herself more known.she is a really good actress!her expressions when she was little were really good for a five year old!i hope more people find out more about her because she is one of my fave people!!!!
  • jodie on fuse! what what!

    SO jodie is hosting this crazzzzzy show on fuse called pants-off dance off! it is ridiculous...they let ANYONE dance and strip to their favorite video...use your imagination lol. anywayyy jodie is like hosting a bunch of episodes! it starts tomorrow...i can\'t wait! i love jodie and i love fuse. woooooo!
  • She is great!!!!

    I can't believe jodie Sweetin quit full time acting. She is so great. She is gorgeous, and talented. She is one of my favorite actresess. I just love the way she acted on Full House. It is incredible how a 5-year-old child could act so great!!!! I loved her smart mouth on the first few seasons of Full House. I hope she returns to acting, because if she does, I know she will be a great hit. I'd also like to thank her for those moments on Full House where I couldn't even breathe because I was laughing so much. Jodie Sweetin, you are the best!!
  • JODIE ROCKS!!!!!!!!! SHE IS ONE OF MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE ACTRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jodie Sweetin started acting when she was 4 years old on a Mother Goose show where they acted out mother goose stories, and was also on a hot dog commerical which got her the part of Stephanie Tanner in Full House. She started Full House at the age of 4 and a half and did an excellent job. *in my opinion* Even though she was 4 she could sing, dance, and act very well. Her lines were hilarius; i.e. "How Rude" "Well pin a rose on your nose" and "Hot Dawg" I use most of these catchphrases because I really like Jodie Sweetin and just want to show that I am a fan by saying these phrases. I think that Jodie Sweetin is a very talented actress!

  • She is such a wonderful actress...why isn't she in more?

    I just don't get it. She did such a great job in Full House as my favorite character, Stephanie, and she didn't move on to any other big roles. She should have...I don't know why she didn't. I don't think anyone could have played Stephanie the way she did, and the way she said certain phrases makes them stick in you mind for a long time...such as well, pin a rose on your nose, and how rude, my personal favorite. I say how rude a lot, but before I heard her say it it didn't mean as much. She is exceptionally talented.
  • Stephanie Tanner was the best character!!

    Jodie Sweetin as Stephanie Tanner... perfect fit. She was so cute growing up. Specially in season one because she is only 5 so she is so cute. She should be still acting and acting in huge movies. She is so talented. I liked her little catch phrases she had like "nobody asked me" it sounded so cute coming from her. She was definetly the best character out of Full House. Jodie Sweetin is gorgeous now. She definetly grew up well. It would be so awesome if the full house cast came back together for a reunion show. Jodie You Rock!
  • Stephanie Tanner, a wonderful child!

    Jodie is best known for her role in Full House as Stephanie Tanner. She played the middle child of three. We were able to watch her deal with issues that most young children deal with. He showed how rough it was to be the middle child and how wonderful it was to have both a younger and an older sister. After her role of Full House, Jodie was still able to live a normal life full of education and love!
  • The cutest person I have ever seen!

    I loved you when you were on \"Full House\". You were SO CUTE!!! I wish I was younger! Whew! I am suprised they didn\'t pick you as a cast member for another show when you were 10! No wonder you are already married! I wish there was someone that looked like you when I was your age!
  • She's wonderful!

    I loved her as Stephanie on Full house, she was my favorite character and she still is. Jodie has great talent as a child and teen actress and i think she should come back to acting! she seems like a great person too. When she was only 5, she knew how to dance, sing, and even act. Very good actress from 1987-1995! come back Jodie! you got great talent and you really played stephanie and made her what she was with great lines, "How rude!" "Well, pin a rose on your nose!"

    jodie deffinetely was the best actress on full house especially when she was little! she was just so full of energy and you could tell she was just the best! she was so cute when she was little and had the best lines ever on full house! she is deffinetely one of the best actressess ever! i love her soo0o much!! i hope she conciders acting again or directing movies. i would really love to see what she is able to do because she seems like she has lots of ideas and i cant wait until she shows it off!!

    Jodie Sweetin was my favorite on Full House. I loved Stephanie she was one who made the show. Jodie Sweetin is a really really good actress and i would like to see her again in more shows, and maybe some movies. I enjoyed her acting on Full House. And I think that she should still be acting. And another thing... I LOVED HER HAIR! lol! Go Jodie! You rock! :)
  • The most underrated actress of the last 20 years.

    Jodie should've been a bigger star than she ended up being. Her acting was flawless as a child on Full House. Her comedic timing was impecable. She was definitely a better actress than the more popular Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Vh1 recently did a listing of the top 100 child actors of all-time and excluded her, even though she was better than more than half the actors on the list. What's great about Jodie is she's content with her life and looks to give back by being an on-set tudor. I can't think of a better person to learn from than Jodie Sweetin. Great job Jodie.