Joe Anderson

Joe Anderson


3/26/1982, England, United Kingdom

Birth Name

Joseph Anderson



Also Known As

Joseph Anderson
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Joe Anderson is a British actor who has appeared in a diverse collection of films. Born on March 26, 1982 in England, Anderson's parents both worked in the film and television industry, providing him with an early ambition to enter the acting world. He attended the Webber Douglas…more


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    • Joe: (on working with Julie Taymor) She's like working with an, I don't know, atom bomb. One idea will spawn a million other ideas really quickly, but they all follow her logic so you've got to keep up with it. But she's an actor's director. She comes from the theater. That was the major appealing point for me. She's very free. She lets you go. She lets you explore, and then she can completely sort of hang onto an idea and force an idea, which, as you can see, sometimes is a really cool thing.

    • Joe: (on auditioning for 'Across the Universe') Before the audition, I'd never sung a bloody note before in my life. I think that's kind of why they liked me.