Joe Armstrong

Joe Armstrong


10/7/1978, London, England, UK

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Joe Armstrong


  • Allan A Dale (Joe Armstrong) Robin Hood'...
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Joe is the son of well known screen and stage actor Alun Armstrong and has two brothers, Dan and Tom. He attended the Elliot School situated in Putney, London from 1993-1997, after school he went onto further education at the University Of Bristol where he appeared in several…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Joe Armstrong lent his voice to Lucy Cadwell's radio drama "Girl from Mars", about a man who has lost his sister that aired in June on BBC Radio 4.

    • Joe Armstrong preformed in the Radio production of "Twas The Night Before Christmas" in December 2005 for Radio Ireland/BBC7. Joe read "Gifts" a story by Garry Kilworth.

    • Joe Armstrong starred as Adam and Jeff in the 2003 Soho Theatre production of "Protection."

    • Joe Armstrong starred in "How Love is Spelt" in 2004 as the character Joe.

    • Joe Armstrong appeared in the Soho Theatre production of "A Night at the Dogs" as Danny in 2005.

    • He is the son of Alun Armstrong.

    • Although they share the same surname, Joe Armstrong and his co-star Jonas Armstrong are not related.

  • Quotes

    • Joe Armstrong: I wasn't sure that I wanted to be an actor until my late teens. It was a profession I had always been aware of and exposed to, but only after enjoying Drama lessons at school did I begin to consider the possibility seriously. The fact I didn't want to end up in a 9-5 may be more significant though.

    • Joe Armstrong: I do hope to do more theatre at some point. It's a different type of challenge to filming and one that requires more bottle in my opinion.

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