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  • Trivia

    • Joe Armstrong lent his voice to Lucy Cadwell's radio drama "Girl from Mars", about a man who has lost his sister that aired in June on BBC Radio 4.

    • Joe Armstrong preformed in the Radio production of "Twas The Night Before Christmas" in December 2005 for Radio Ireland/BBC7. Joe read "Gifts" a story by Garry Kilworth.

    • Joe Armstrong starred as Adam and Jeff in the 2003 Soho Theatre production of "Protection."

    • Joe Armstrong starred in "How Love is Spelt" in 2004 as the character Joe.

    • Joe Armstrong appeared in the Soho Theatre production of "A Night at the Dogs" as Danny in 2005.

    • He is the son of Alun Armstrong.

    • Although they share the same surname, Joe Armstrong and his co-star Jonas Armstrong are not related.

  • Quotes

    • Joe Armstrong: I wasn't sure that I wanted to be an actor until my late teens. It was a profession I had always been aware of and exposed to, but only after enjoying Drama lessons at school did I begin to consider the possibility seriously. The fact I didn't want to end up in a 9-5 may be more significant though.

    • Joe Armstrong: I do hope to do more theatre at some point. It's a different type of challenge to filming and one that requires more bottle in my opinion.