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  • Biden got hitched to the wrong administration

    When the only choices for President and VP are inexperienced incompetents like Obama/Biden and airheaded idiots like McCain/Palin, there really was no hope for this country.

    At this point, I wouldn't rely on either Republicans or Democrats to fix the economy. Republicans were morons to let it happen and Democrats were imbeciles to believe they could fix it.

    We can only rely on ourselves to survive this mess by working and saving money in the bank. There is nothing else to do but take care of ourselves and our families. Nothing else to post but to fill in useless words due to the stupid 100 words minimum count.
  • An outstanding candidate Democrat to govern in the Vice-Presidency.

    Joseph "Joe" Biden proves to be a senator and veteran with extensive experience in politics as a senator in Delaware. From Joe Biden at the beginning saw that he was a candidate for the Democratic Party that was presented to the presidential elections of 2008. Although then due to its results in Iowa withdraw. Then when Obama in Springfield submit it as a candidate for Vice what we saw strong when speaking into the microphone as the Democratic National Convention in 2008 that could be said to have been one of the best. Let us hope that the November 4 is the Vice President of the United States next to the future President Barack Obama.